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The landscape of beneficial WordPress plugins is ever-changing, thriving on constant iteration and perfecting the application for a better user experience. Finding the right Plugin requires careful consideration. Evaluating the multitude of option available to us as users can be a difficult process. How can you be sure the plugin will work as advertised? How can you identify reliable plugins? How do you ensure the quality of a plugin? Are you getting the right plugin to suit your needs?

Druzal.com is the solution you have been waiting for

Our algorithm calculates an average total score for a convenient compilation of user reviews for all WordPress Plugins with data, simplifying the user experience and delivering quality plugins worthy of your consideration. Our data is formatted in comprehensive and digestible scores for quick and easy information consumption allowing users to significantly reduce their time investment.


Highest Rated WordPress Plugins

Our database of user reviews allows us to offer a clear and concise list of the Highest Rated WordPress Plugin available. This exceptional feature allows our frequenters to greatly reduce the amount of time required to find a plugin that fits their personal requirements, gathering the necessary information in one location for a truly simplified user experience. We provide a page dedicated to the best of the best, continually updated to reflect the latest review submissions. We are dedicated to remaining relevant current by means of our commitment to constant iteration. We ensure that you are getting the best possible plugin available, each and every time with Druzal.com. A trusted name in the plugin game!

How it Works

Users submit their personal reviews of WordPress Plugins, addressing facets of the aforementioned plugin in regard to reliability and functionality. The user then applies a numeric rating value to the plugin which is added to the existing pool of reviews. Using an algorithm specifically designed for our purposes to offer optimal results, the review is compiled altering the existing rating to reflect an average user experience. The results are displayed for all parties to view and to guide users toward plugins with a proven track record.

Informed Installations

Making the right decision may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. An informed installation ensures that you understand exactly what you are getting. Identify and evaluate each WordPress Plugins reliability and functionality prior to clicking download. Trust fellow users with shared experiences to guide the way. Rely on firsthand advice to generate your own pros and cons. Make the right decision by making an informed decision using Druzal.com.
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